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Tax return due on 31 October

Haven’t lodged your tax return yet?  Did you know that with your Tax return due on 31 October, time is running out. If you’re struggling to get your tax return in by this date, you could save yourself a lot of trouble by using our Same Day Tax Return service. Because we are a registered […]

Income Tax Today can be a Minefield

Income tax today is even more complex than ever, but it can be easy if you use a registered tax agent like Instant Tax Refunds. If you are still wondering how to get your tax done right, come in to see our tax professionals and we will do your tax today. Our decades of experience […]

Be very careful about tax refund fraud

The ATO has warned against tax refund fraud which is claiming a tax refund by providing false information to them. They are checking up on cases that are more than carelessness, accidental or an error. They are specifically targeting tax returns done in a deliberately deceitful manner, from creating fictitious expenses to creating false documentation […]

74% of Australians are using a tax agent

The ATO reports that 74 per cent of Australians are using a tax agent. That’s simply because when you use a registered tax agent, they work for you, not the ATO. But if you are looking at lodging your tax return yourself, take care as the ATO is checking more returns than ever this year. […]

Haven’t done your 2017 tax return yet?

Well here’s some good news (even if you haven’t done your 2017 tax return yet). Our experienced income tax specialists can quickly get your tax return done and in most cases, get you a maximum tax refund along the way. By now you should have your payment summaries from your employers. (If not give them […]

Don’t let your Tax Return raise a red flag with ATO

It’s more important than ever to lodge an accurate tax return as the ATO now has so much data to call on and to verify your tax returns. They are cracking down hard on fraudulent claims so don’t let an inaccurate Tax Return raise a red flag. Claiming exaggerated or best guess expenses claims, with […]

Getting a Tax refund with Instant Tax Refunds

Getting a tax refund can be a bit like Christmas in July. The money always comes in handy just when you need it. But getting a tax refund as an individual tax payer in Australia, means it has to be refunded from the tax you pay to the ATO. This individual tax is based mainly […]

Get the most from your 2017 Tax refund

At this time of year, many people are looking at their 2017 tax refund to help them pay some bills. Make sure you get the best tax refund you can by speaking to a registered tax agent. Tax agents are trained and registered professionals who specialise in individual tax returns. They know what you can […]

Watch out for a tax refund scams this year

The ATO has issued a warning to be on the alert for tax refund scams with scammers contacting people via phone or email. If you are unsure whether your tax preparer is legitimate, the Australian Tax Practitioners Board can let you know if your tax agent is registered. As a registered tax agent, Instant Tax […]

Haven’t got time to do your 2017 tax return?

You probably have your group certificate or payment summary from your employer by now. But have you found time to do your 2017 tax return yet? Most people get a tax refund on their tax returns and yet still find it challenge just getting it done. So even though you could have money owed to […]