Tax return due on 31 October

Haven’t lodged your tax return yet?  Did you know that with your Tax return due on 31 October, time is running out.

Tax return due on 31 October

If you’re struggling to get your tax return in by this date, you could save yourself a lot of trouble by using our Same Day Tax Return service.

Because we are a registered tax agent, and registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB), we have the ability to not only lodge your tax return but we also are able to get an extension on the date when we lodge it for you.

Using our registered tax agents will also provide you with consumer protection as the TPB ensures that we:

•    meet and maintain the required standard or qualifications and experience
•    comply with the Code of Professional Conduct.

Our registered tax agents have a special lodgement program and can lodge returns for you after the usual 31 October deadline. The due date will also depend on your personal situation. Contact us for advice.

If you’re using us for the first time, you need to contact us before 31 October to take advantage of our lodgement program due dates.

Lodging previous years’ tax returns

If you haven’t lodged a previous year’s tax return, it’s important to get up to date as soon as possible to avoid penalty.

Our registered tax agents can prepare and lodge prior year tax returns for you, so contact us for advice. With your Tax return due on 31 October, time is running out, not only for this year but for previous years as well.

Don’t let it roll on, contact us today and let our tax agents save you the hassles of dealing with the ATO. We are your tax guys and we work for you, not the ATO.