Income Tax Today can be a Minefield

Income tax today is even more complex than ever, but it can be easy if you use a registered tax agent like Instant Tax Refunds.

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Income tax today is under more scrutiny than ever.

The other thing to be aware of when it comes to your tax today, is that the ATO has access to more data about you than ever before.

They can collect data from other government entities and use data matching to check up on your income and claims.

The ATO says it uses data matching to reassure the community that they protect honest people and businesses from unfair competition.

And that’s fair enough, so it’s important to correctly declare your income and claim the correct offsets and other benefits to comply with the tax laws.

By using our registered tax agents, you can be sure all the compliance stuff is done correctly and your tax return will be lodged with the ATO without the worry.

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