Get the most from your 2017 Tax refund

At this time of year, many people are looking at their 2017 tax refund to help them pay some bills. Make sure you get the best tax refund you can by speaking to a registered tax agent.

Tax agents are trained and registered professionals who specialise in individual tax returns.

They know what you can and cannot claim.

A good tax agent will recover more refund for you than the fee they charge, because they can increase your refund amount by knowing what to claim for you.

Tax agents may work for accountants and many may also be accountants. But the good thing is they usually charge much less to do your tax return than an accountant would. This is because as specialists, they are extremely efficient and get your tax done quickly and accurately with the maximum allowable deductions.

The best tax agents have advanced systems and often have online checklists and forms to help you get the preliminary work done first, so that they can dedicate their time to going through everything carefully. They will find and enter every legitimate tax deduction that you are allowed.

And that word legitimate is also important. Registered and listed tax agents will ensure they get your 2017 tax return done properly and in accordance with the Australian Tax Office rules. This gives you both peace of mind AND the maximum allowable tax refund.

So make sure you get the best 2017 tax refund you possibility can this year. Instant Tax Refunds has the knowledge and the skill to help you. To find out more, call us today, or go to our online contact form.